Created in March 2018, the Black Soccer Membership Association’s goal is to develop the largest soccer/football association in the world to serve the needs of the Black soccer community. There are an estimate 2 billion blacks within the African diaspora around the world, of the 7.5 billion total world’s population. This number provides us with a large platform to serve the African diaspora and we will continue to work tirelessly for our members to provide the support needed to navigate the challenging landscape of the business of soccer.

Mission Statement

To provide visionary leadership and advocacy in the realization of empowerment. Through the development of resources and initiatives, we support African, African-American, Caribbean, and European Black administrators, coaches, players, and referees, in addition to organizations who work to develop and promote inclusiveness in the business of soccer at all levels.

Vision Statement

A trusted program that provides the best education, exposure, and experience to advance its members in the business of soccer.

Contact Us

PO Box 1250
Greenbelt, MD 20768

Phone: +1-301-613-9065
Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 9 am – 8 pm EST