Thank you for your interest in sponsoring an event/program here at the BSMA. Our mission is to make the BSMA the pre-eminent organization for African, African-American, Afro-Caribbean, and Afro-European globally.  Your support enables us to offer event/program grants for administrators, coaches, players, and referees to connect in meaningful ways.

We work tirelessly to foster and connect the African diaspora in our community. There is one main event held annually which is the Coaches’ Summit. In addition to this event, we have two grant programs and one youth program: Club Development and Coaching Education, in addition to Soccer to Achieve. Sponsors can support these events/programs to engage with our member base and greater community.


Sponsored Events

  • Coaches’ Summit

    The Coaches’ Summit is the BSMA’s annual celebration of coaches. We welcome a top professional soccer coach around the world for a sit-down among other coaches. This event is a fundraiser for the BSMA and your support provides year-long resources and connectivity to drive BSMA’s non-profit mission of connecting African, African-American, Afro-Caribbean, and Afro-European coaches globally.

  • Club Development Grant

    The Club Development Grant focuses on three primary areas: education, health, and soccer. Organizations who apply must meet all three criteria. We support members who operate their own youth soccer clubs. Your support provides club owners with the opportunities to grow their programs. Once a club receives a grant, then the club will not be allowed to apply for the following year. This allows your sponsorship to be stretched across various youth soccer channels.

  • Coaching Education Grant

    Soccer Coaching Education courses in the United States have become un-attainable for Black coaches. Most courses are very time consuming, and they do not allow a coach to leave his/her family or soccer team for an extensive amount of time without pay. For full-time coaches, if the club isn’t funding the course which in most cases they do not, then it becomes nearly impossible to apply. Your support provides coaches with the opportunities to register and attend USSF courses with the chance to one day become a Director of Coaching at the State level or the head coach of a university or professional team.

  • Soccer to Achieve USA

    Soccer to Achieve is an after-school program, offered free of charge to students, that helps children to establish healthy lives and to develop critical fundamental entrepreneurship skills with the guidance of trained soccer instructors and business entrepreneurs. Your support helps us to activate your Corporate Social Responsibility, and it also enables us to provide programming that is geared specifically for children in the inner-cities.

    To sponsor an event/program and request a sponsorship packet, please reach out to us at