Welcome to the Official Black Soccer Wall St.! Here you will find every thing black in the business of soccer from club ownership to agencies to tournaments and so much more. We ask that you support in improving the profiles of these organizations and they look to create employment and improve the inner cities through the lens of soccer, the only sport in the world that can bring us TOGETHER!

*Only founders and owners of companies or organizations based in North America and Europe are eligible to be added to this list. If you would like to add a Game Changer to the list please send us an email to info@blacksoccercoaches.org.


El-Ef Sport (United Kingdom) – Lionel Foy

International Football Heritage Agency (United Kingdom) – Maddy Mkoloma

Leader Sports Management (Ontario) – Nathaniel Leader

Pursuit Sports Group (Washington, DC) – Ramone Perry

Trinity 3 Agency (New York) – Maggie Ntim


USL Black Players Alliance (North Carolina) – Hugh Roberts and Brandon Miller


Futbolr (New York) – Mabricio Wilson and Leroi Wilson

Kajumulo World (Washington) – Alex Kajumulo


Black Pioneers of the NASL (New York) – Patrick Horne 

Rising Above and Beyond the Crossbar (Maryland) – Lincoln Phillips 

Technical Skills for Life: Understanding the 5 Lanes of Play (Maryland) – Myron Garnes 


Aspen Hill Soccer Club (Maryland) – Kendol Decker

Aspire International Football Academy (Maryland) – Yaf Marston

Benfica Soccer School (Maryland) – Pedro Braz

BVB Dortmund (Washington) – Darrell Marcelle and Sheldon Daniel

Central Brooklyn Soccer Club (New York) – Stan Harmon

Champions United (New York) – Anthony Lambert

Coastal Outreach Soccer (Georgia) – Shawn Williams

DCFC and Open Goal Project (Washington, DC) – Amir Lowery

DC Eleven (DCXI) – Elvis Hedji, Michael Idiokitas, Pierre Hedji, Keith Tucker, James Kpainay, Mohan Telfer

Duradus Soccer Club (Virginia) – Brian Robertson

Ethio Athletics (Maryland) – Yared Amanuel

Elite Soccer Youth Development Academy (Maryland) – Agbegnigan Amouzou

FC Harlem (New York) – Irv Smalls

Futsal America (Washington, DC) – Kab Hakim

Future Soccer Club (Maryland) – Marc Langdon

Gnatiko Academy (Maryland) – Kojo Gnatiko

Go Pro Soccer (Maryland) – Kevin Gnatiko

Jouons FC (Washington, D.C.) – Pierre Hedji

Joga Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Kephern Fuller and James Myers

London Community Academy (United Kingdom) – Jean Pierre Murungi

Maryland Bobcats FC (Maryland) – Jay Saba

Next Level Soccer (Maryland) – Daniel Bulls

NJ Teamsters (New Jersey) – Alex and Sabrina Geraldino

Oni Soccer (Maryland) – Albert Oni

Play Footy Inc. (Washington, D.C.) – Elvis Hedji & Pierre Hedji

PG Young Boys (Maryland) – Most Ray

Premier Athletic Club (Virginia) – Sully Hamid

Prostars Football Club (Ontario) – Josef Komlodi

Spartans Inglewood (California) – Mike Asfall

Toronto Bolts FC (Ontario) – Wayne Simmons

World Class Premier (Maryland) – Kokou Assigbe


Maryland Developmental Soccer League (Maryland) – Kendol Decker and Justin Reid

Omaha International Soccer (Nebraska) – Marlon Okereke

Rochester City Soccer League (New York) – Nicole Hercules


Black Arrow FC (California) – Aaron Delores

Pitching it Black (United Kingdom) – Eugene Allen


Back Yard Footy (North Carolina) – Hugh Roberts

Ball Chat Podcast (Maryland) – Kamone Lee and Benton

For the Culture (Georgia) – Reginald McKie

For Footballers Only (Washington, D.C.) – DC Eleven (DCXI) Hosted by: Michael Idiokitas and James Kpainay

The Crack Podcast (Florida) – DaMarcus Beasley, Oguchi Onyewu, and Mabricio Wilson.

The Inside Agents (New York) – Maggie Ntim and Nathaniel Leader


DB3 Futbol Training (Washington, DC) – Daniel Butler

Kayode Soccer Training (New Jersey) – Kayode McInnon

North American-Caribbean Training Method (Florida) – Myron Garnes and Ashton Baptiste

PhilmLand (Maryland) – Georgio Phillips

QuickFeet Soccer for Kids (Maryland) – Justin Reid


DCXI Project (Washington, DC) – Pierre Hedji, Elvis Hedji, Keith Tucker, Mike Idiokitas

DC Cup (Washington, DC) – Glen Goodwine and Justin Reid

Gorges Classic (New York) – Ibe Jonah

Hope International Soccerfest (North Carolina) – Francis Junior