When you join the Black Soccer Membership Association, you:

• Join a community of soccer administrators, coaches, players and referees united by a common desire to learn, interact, collaborate, and innovate in the business of soccer.
• Get the resources and opportunities you need to stay on top of changes in the soccer industry at all levels.
• Get involved in coaching courses and industry standards for development.
• Network with other members or within a specific level of the game whether youth, high school, college, or professional.
• Mentor the next generation of soccer coaches, administrators, referees and so much more.

There is no better time to discover all that a BSMA membership has to offer. Join now and get membership benefits for a year into 2019, plus save 50% on membership dues.*

*Check your school or club’s benefits as some reimburse their staff for professional membership. Only new members or returning members with a lapse in service are eligible for half-year dues.

Whether you’re small or large, in California or Florida, what happens in the business of soccer will affect you. We are an inclusive organization that promotes a pro-diversity agenda. We work to make our members in the soccer industry more competitive regionally, nationally and globally. Whether you can’t afford your own marketing company to promote yourself or you need to leverage your current coaching position to build your career, we are one of the only associations dedicated to the black soccer community. Through a collaborative approach, we work to make soccer work for you.

We also keep you informed. Our up-to-date communication informs you of new head coaching opportunities, diversity statistics, news on our members, endorsements for positions, and much more.

Focused on building your network? As a member, we give you access to our directory, to help you connect so that you can grow. You get invited to our signature and specialized events at a special membership rate, with opportunities for greater exposure to the soccer community.

If you are in the position of Director of Coaching at a club and thinking about how to hire a well-trained coaching staff, we help you to tackle coaching development to improve your soccer coaching talent pipeline.

Invest in your career. Invest in the future. Join the Black Soccer Membership Association today!

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