*To submit a proposal, please note that you must be a paid BSMA member. 

Awards are contingent upon:

a. Availability of funding from the specific funding authority;

b. Satisfactory performance by the grantee as evaluated by the BSMA Coaching Education Committee;

c. Compliance with all grant requirements and conditions set forth below.

The BSMA understands that the high costs of coaching education have prohibited our members from obtaining their USSF coaching licenses. Take for example the USSF “A” License course which costs up to $4,000 (US Soccer sponsors the other $4,000 costs of the course which totals – $8,000) for a three course meeting separated by three development periods. The total course duration is approximately 5-6 months.

$4,000 and 5-6 months away from home, work, and family may not seem feasible for most of our members. However, our Coaching Education Grant mission is to help our members advance their education and earn more coaching opportunities at the highest levels and/or to utilize the advanced degree to grow their club programs.

Focus Areas

The Coaching Education Grant focuses on helping our members to advance in their careers.


An individual requesting support must have currently completed USSF Grassroots Level courses.

Please note:

  • Support is provided for USSF licensed courses only.
  • Support is provided to youth soccer coaches only.
  • Any request for support must be in writing and contain the information outlined on this web page.
  • Support is primarily provided to coaches based in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Please allow at least 30 business days for us to consider your request.

What to include in a funding proposal:

Requests should be sent in the format outlined below:

  • Letter date
  • Organization’s name and contact information
  • Contact person’s name, title, and contact information
  • Dollar amount of funding request
  • Verification that coach is currently registered as a US Youth Soccer Association member

Items below must not exceed a combined total of four pages:

  • Current coaching resume
  • Detailed description of the licensing course to be funded
  • Explanation as to why the Black Soccer Membership Association is considered to be an appropriate donor and how you will benefit from the support
  • Description describing your future goals as a coach and how you plan to use the course to advance your career
  • What you hope to accomplish (outputs and/or outcomes)
  • How you intend to accomplish the above

*Note: Cancellation of Grant Proposals; may be cancelled and all proposals may be rejected, contingent upon funding.

For more information about our Coaching Education Grant program, please contact:

Attn: Coaching Education Department
Black Soccer Membership Association
7600 Ora Glen Drive, Suite 1250
Greenbelt, MD 20768