“Evening out the playing field by providing equipment to under-served communities.”

About Us

Developed in May of 2018, Playback is an equipment donation program that works with organizations like Leveling the Playing Field to distribute uniforms, balls, shin-guards, cleats, and other soccer items to under-served communities.


To fully support under-served youth development programs by providing students with the necessary equipment to participate in soccer.

Why the program was created?

Often times under-served communities do not have the same opportunities as those in served communities to participate in soccer. Families of well to do soccer communities purchase hundreds of dollars of equipment every season and at the end of the year they either store the equipment or throw it away. Often times this equipment is in good shape and can be used by others. We want to do our part to minimize the waste of soccer products.

What makes us different?

We do not focus on housing the equipment, rather we connect organizations like Leveling the Playing Field with soccer clubs to donate equipment and distribute it to under-served communities. The lack of equipment distribution in under-served communities is a universal problem and we all have to address in order to even out the playing field.

Our long-term goals and objectives

Its simple! We want to continue to do our part to promote the game of soccer and ensure that children in under-served communities who look like our membership, get an opportunity to enjoy soccer just like the youth in well to do communities.