Learn how joining the BSMA is a strategic move for your career.

You deserve a voice in the future of soccer in the United States. As an advocate with the Black Soccer
Membership Association, you join a collection of leaders and a full-time, dedicated team with strong
relationships in soccer. You take an active role in the policies that effect your career – with a partner that protects your interest.

We partner with other organizations, businesses, and influencers to accomplish our shared mission finding
amicable solutions across all lines.

With support like yours, we plan to achieve key victories that include:
• To make soccer licensing courses more affordable for our members.
• Sustaining youth soccer in under-served communities.
• Improving the number of our members in NCAA head coaching positions and executive roles in the US Youth Soccer Association.

Be a voice that empowers the success of the Black Soccer Membership Association. Become an advocate today.