Seattle, WA – December 17, 2020 – African author Alex Kajumulo is excited to announce the official reprinting of acclaimed children’s book “Soccer Monster Teaches Basic Skills”.

Kajumulo is a former professional soccer player from Tanzania. A team owner and advocate for the game in his home country, Kajumulo currently is a youth soccer coach in Seattle, Washington, and conducts youth soccer camps in the United States.

“I’m thrilled to offer ‘Soccer Monster’ in a reprint,” Kajumulo said. “As the only African author writing English sports books in the United States, I’m embracing all aspects of racial and social justice reform with ‘Soccer Monster’. The lead character may look and talk differently than the other characters but everyone loves him and he’s a ‘monster’ on the soccer field. There’s another main character, Twiga, who is a young woman stepping up to teach the game to all the new kids in the neighborhood. Another important aspect of this new series of books is about the importance of female empowerment.”

“Soccer Monster” is an easy-to-read instructional and informative soccer skills book for young people of all ages. The character’s diverse traits allow them to have certain skills that translate on-and-off the field.

The main character, ‘Soccer Monster’, knows all the tricks to the sport, while ‘Twiga’ helps guide new characters through the ups-and-downs in the process of learning new skills.

“The book is great for young soccer players because it very calmly shows young readers that it takes practice to be good at anything you do, and the more you practice the better you get,” Kajumulo said. “I think ‘Soccer Monster’ has the potential to reach kids just starting to learn about the game and give them confidence that they, too, can master soccer skills.”

The first installment of the “Soccer Monster” series is available in paperback via Amazon and in audio book on iTunes and Audible.

You can purchase Soccer Monster on the BSMA online shop by clicking on the following link. https://blacksoccercoaches.org/shop

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