The Black Soccer Membership Association (BSMA) has been issued a one year travel award grant by Southwest Airlines to travel anywhere across the country. The BSMA submitted the grant three months ago and were happy to learn that it will be receiving complimentary flights to travel to events and promote the organization’s mission, as well as its Soccer to Achieve program.

The details of the travel award were not immediately revealed but according to BSMA’s spokeswoman Lauren Peters, “the award will provide the BSMA board and committee members to be a bit more visible at soccer business events across the nation.”

The BSMA has added the Southwest logo to its website under “Supporters” and hopes to not only continue to grow its supporter base, but to also pursue more travel awards in the future for its members to help offset the cost to soccer coaching events across the nation. This is just the beginning of the relationship with Southwest Airlines.

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