Soccer Monster




Alex Kajumulo, the founder of Kajumulo World Soccer and a former professional soccer player from Tanzania, has written the first children s book by an African Soccer player for young soccer enthusiasts. Alex created Soccer Monster© from his life as a young boy inspired by soccer to leave his small village and experience the world. He brings all of his skills as an internationally trained and FIFA certified soccer coach and as a young lover of soccer growing up in Africa to the Soccer Monster character. Co-written with Kay Forrest, a public school teacher for 20 years, and brought to life with illustrations by Robin Kempf, a soccer mom, Soccer Monster is sure to inspire your child to join in the game. Soccer Monster is an international, multi-cultural soccer player with all the skills and enthusiasm to share with other soccer playing children. His best friend Twiga (giraffe in Swahili) is also a very skilled young player with amazing skills and contagious enthusiasm for the sport of soccer. Together they are a young boy and a young girl who show that any child no matter their size, strength, gender, or experience can have fun and develop skills playing soccer. In Soccer Monster Teaches Basic Skills, the first installment of the Soccer Monster series, they teach the new kid in town that with a few basic skills dribbling, throw-ins, chesting, and kicking he can join in the neighborhood soccer game with confidence and make new friends. This book will also teach parents valuable information about soccer skills that will allow them to practice with their children and support the young athlete s development in soccer. Soccer Monster was written at a grade school level for easy reading and clear instruction. In addition, Soccer Monster sends a strong message of inclusion everyone can play: boys and girls. Alex believes it is very important to provide strong messages about the importance of sport to all children, especially young girls who have not always been encouraged to develop as athletes.


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