December 3, 2018

BSMA partner Kajumulo World has signed an apparel deal with Dicks Sporting Goods to sell its products throughout the country. Already in various markets in Africa, Kajumulo World plans to be the Joseph Abboud, an African fashion Icon who has opened up the US market in Men’s designer clothing and shoes, of sports.

Kajumulo World, founded by Alex Kajumulo, sells an array of sporting products ranging from soccer and futsal uniforms to balls, warm-ups, and more. DSG has over 716 stores and has gradually increased its number dating back to 2005 when the company only had 255 stores.

Kajumulo World has an aggressive strategic plan to grow the brand to a Fortune 500 company in the next 5 years. Having known Kajumulo brand for several years, he has always stressed the importance of the black community building its own sporting brands instead of supporting the major four sporting brands in the country. According to Kajumulo, “We are looking forward to this coming year where customers will be able to purchase our products throughout the country. We will also be launching the online retail store for North America soon.” Leveraging the DSG agreement, Kajumulo plans to expand its product line into other sporting goods stores across the country.

We congratulate and are very excited for Alex and his team on its success and will continue to support the brand for many years to come!!!

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