‘Travesty of logic and justice’, ‘attempted coup’, ‘cover-up’: TTFA officials condemn Fifa intervention” was the title of popular Trinidad & Tobago online sports media company Wired868 when the news broke that FIFA will be implementing a normalization committee to run the Trinidad & Tobago Football Association daily affairs. The decision was made three months after United TTFA group who won the General Election in November, 26-20 to defeat the previous administration run by FIFA puppet David John-Williams. 

In just a short-time in office, the United TTFA acquired three international and local sponsorships, hired a full-time technical staff, approved a program called the North American Talent Identification Player Pool Programme to include Trinbagonian 27 scouts in football living outside of Trinidad & Tobago to scout for players eligible to represent the national teams. With the assistance of the TIPP players, the U-20 Women advanced to the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF qualifiers. United TTFA was trending the TTFA in a positive direction. 

From 2015-2018, the John-Williams administration ran the association into the ground and left a debt totaling TT$50 million. In its first 100 days, the United TTFA  President William Wallace and his executive team developed a financial plan with measures to rid the association of its debt in the next 3 years. On March 17, 2020, FIFA, the governing body of world football instituted a normalization committee to be led by former John-Williams embattled accountant Tyril Patrick without notifying President Wallace of their decision. FIFA had four years during the John-Williams administration to implement this committee but failed to do so. John Williams is no longer in office, so they implemented a coup to remove President Wallace and his three Vice-Presidents from office. This is WRONG and has left many TTFA supporters like myself asking questions. Many Trinidad & Tobago football stars past and current have chimed in and are extremely upset with this decision.  

We are asking you to please sign this petition today to gain support in re-instating the United TTFA to the office of the Trinidad & Tobago Football Association. FIFA’s Statute of the normalization committee’s functions needs to be reviewed and to work in conjunction with the United TTFA. The petition can be signed by clicking here.

– One of millions of Trinidad & Tobago Football supporters around the world

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